Are you wondering what kind of gifts to get your girlfriend? Look through this list of lovely gifts for a Nigerian girlfriend and make a choice.

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1. A Burt’S Bees Facial Cleanser With Cotton Extract

product_image_name-Burt'S Bees-Facial Cleanser With Cotton Extract-1 as Lovely Gifts For A Nigerian Girlfriend

To help give her a healthier-looking complexion.

2. A birthstone jewellery pendant

product_image_name-Generic-Girl's Necklace Heart-shaped Birthstone Jewelry Pendant My Best Friend-1 as Lovely Gifts For A Nigerian Girlfriend

A pendant necklace in the shape of a heart that is made of steel. It is both practical and durable while remaining lightweight.

3. An “I fucking love you” keychain

product_image_name-Fashion-Letters Carved Lovers Keychain Key Rings Bag Hanging-Silver-1 as Lovely Gifts For A Nigerian Girlfriend

Let her know, every time she opens her door that you FUCKING love her.

4. A “sweet as strawberry” mug

product_image_name-Generic-Girl Cute Practical Mug Birthday Gift For Boys Girlfriend-1 as Lovely Gifts For A Nigerian Girlfriend

If she is truly your sweetheart, let her know how sweet she is to you.

5. A throw pillow that says “I Love You”

product_image_name-Generic-THROWPILLOW - I LOVE YOU-1

To help you tell her even on the days you can’t.

6. A pack of 4 scented candles

product_image_name-Purple Aroma-Scented Candle Gift Set - 4PCS-1

100% lovely gift for your Nigerian girlfriend. You will have her house smelling like lavender, jasmine, misty forest and blackberry. Ummm, delicious!

7. A cute t-shirt that shows her personality

For the girlfriend that loves her some cheeky T-shirts.

8. A Rhinestone bracelet watch

product_image_name-Fashion-Women Analog Quartz Rhinestone Bracelet Watch-1

This gift has top ratings on Jumia and it is an instant hit. It is also super affordable if you don’t have a lot to spend.

9. A rose teddy bear

product_image_name-Generic-Rose Teddy Bear - Red-2

Perfect for the girlfriend who is a lover of stuffed animals.

10. An engraved wooden music box

product_image_name-Generic-Music Box- 18 Note Mechanism Antique Carved Music Box Crafts Music You Are My Sunshine Handmade Classical Music Box, Hand-cranked Wooden Music Box (sunny Wood Color, Wood, 6.4*5.2*4.2cm, Boxed)-1

To let her know that she’s your sunshine on a cloudy day.

11. A Fairy necklace

product_image_name-Generic-Latest Butterfly Fairy Necklace Jewelry Sweater Chain For Gentle Women-2

A bold jewellery choice for a bold lady.

12. A Double Layer Jewellery box

product_image_name-Fashion-Jewellery Box Case,Double-Layer Jewellery Organiser(White)-2

Give her a safe space to keep all of her prized possessions.

13. A simple love-heart necklace

Lovely Gifts

An affordable necklace that is so many necklaces in one.

14. A gold wrist watch and bangle

Lovely Gifts

If your goal is to get her something classy then this will do.

15. Capsule Letters

Lovely Gifts

For a more intimate gift that will allow you to share how much you love her. Each capsule contains a note, handwritten by you to her.

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