This post is a response to a reader who requested specifically for 2000 Naira you can get your boyfriend, fiance or husband. So you, my friend, are in luck as I have scoured the internet to find you gift items that fit your budget of 2000 Naira.

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1. Cookies

product_image_name-Royal British-GPR Royal British Butter Cookies 340g x 1-1

Get your love something delicious to enjoy for his birthday.

2. Beard Comb

product_image_name-Generic-Wooden Hair Comb Man S Beard Comb Anti-static Male Mini-1

Perfect gift for the man who is a member of the beard gang and loves his bia-bia.

3. Mug

product_image_name-Generic-Mug Cup,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-1

For his tea, hot chocolate, coffee or to hide the alcohol he enjoys from time to time.

4. Poker Bottle Opener

product_image_name-Generic-Creative Stainless Steel Poker Spade  Beer Bottle Opener-1
Two Thousand Naira Birthday Gifts

Upgrade his bottle opener to something unique and easy to carry.

5. Beard Catcher

product_image_name-Generic-Men's Beard Hair Trimmings Catcher Apron-1

For men, that shave or trim their beard themselves. It would save them the hassle of having to sweep hairs off their floor.

6. Wallet

product_image_name-Fashion-Men's Fashion Multifunctional Wallet - Black-1
Two Thousand Naira Birthday Gifts

A simple but fashionable wallet he would use for many years to come.

7. Soro Soke Werey Shirt

product_image_name-Fashion-SORO SOKE Polo T Shirt Round Neck MEN/Women- WHITE-1

Give him a shirt that makes a statement and is still fun too.

8. Water Bottle

product_image_name-Generic-My Water Bottle 500ML-1

Replace that ugly coke bottle he uses for water with this stylish and minimalist water bottle.

For more gift ideas for men

9. Backpack

product_image_name-Defacto-Men's Backpack - Grey-1

A backpack to a man is what a handbag is to a woman. So, what are you waiting for?

10. Bluetooth speaker

product_image_name-Generic-A10 Mini Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Stereo  Music Player TF-6

Give him something to enjoy his music.

11. King Cap

product_image_name-Fashion-King 01 Quality Printed Face/Baseball Caps-1

A cap is a nice, simple gift to give your man. You might get lucky and he would wear it every day.

12. Beaded Bracelet

product_image_name-Fashion-New Mens Bracelet Beads Rosary Bracelet-1 2000 Naira Birthday Gifts

Although a small gift, it is something he would have for a long time.

13. Bus Cufflinks

product_image_name-Generic-B1128 Fashion Creative Green Bus Cufflinks-B1128-1 2000 Naira Birthday Gifts

These are cute and unique cufflinks you both can laugh about.

14. Picture Frame

product_image_name-Generic-8 Inch Wooden Picture Frame Natural Eco Wood Photo Frame-1 2000 Naira Birthday Gifts

And then print out his favourite picture and put it in the frame.

15. V-neck sweatshirt

product_image_name-Generic-Stripes Pullover V-Neck - Blue-1 2000 Naira Birthday Gifts

Get him a sweatshirt for the harmattan and even the rainy season – depending on which side of Nigeria you live in.

16. Wristwatch

product_image_name-Fashion-Men's Watch Quartz Waist Watch-1 2000 Naira

You can never go wrong with a wristwatch gift. Perfect for every occasion and worn for a long time.

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