When Beyond Paranormal ended we were like

Beyond Paranormal gaslighted us so much, we don’t even understand what we watched. So to make sense of the movie, this post will be listing out the major highlights while trying to fit the puzzles together.

WARNING: If this post seems disorganised and scatterbrained, please bear with us. We are still clearly confused.

1. Finding out Lilly gaslighted Ray for YouTube views

In the penultimate scene of Beyond Paranormal, we discover that Lilly had been messing with Ray the whole time. She had been pretending to be possessed by a spirit, and the cracking noises her body made were from walnut shells. 

We also learn that Angela is an actress who works with Lilly and her accent is fake. Unfortunately, Ray never gets to find that he was a victim of his girlfriend’s twisted games. 

2. Apparently, Ray’s visions were caused by a hallucinogenic tea

Lilly, while talking to Angela and recounting the tricks they played on Ray to get top tier content, Lilly mentions something about a hallucinogenic tea. Our initial guess was that it was a misdirect since Lilly was still possessed by a demon in the end, but there were things Ray did that would suggest it was not a misdirect.

There was a scene where Angela had them hold hands on a ouija board, and Ray saw it move. That was a hallucination. However, there were so many other things he saw which had nothing to do with the hallucinogen in his system. 

It was just a case of mere coincidence that while he was drugged, the spirits were causing chaos, and maybe the tea opened his eyes to see beyond the physical realm? That is a possibility. 

3. In the end of Beyond Paranormal, it looked like Ray died spiritually, but her colleagues died physically

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On their last night together, the Princess lasers Ray’s eyes and plucks out his heart to eat. Although he doesn’t die physically, he seemed soulless – like he was dead spiritually. Just a body, laying on the bed.

However, Lilly murders her colleagues physically. She plucks out one’s heart, severs the other’s head and breaks another’s arm. How come they get to die, and Ray doesn’t? Did it have to do with the fact that Ray was attacked by a spirit? 

4. The sole purpose of the spirits was the procreation of their demon baby

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A big part of the spirit’s activity (aside from countless rituals in their realm) was to impregnate Lilly and birth their demon baby. However, after the baby was born, that was the end. Lilly births that demon baby, she murders her colleagues, and the movie ends. 

We just can’t stop asking ourselves if that was the sole reason for Beyond Paranormal? Was the movie about a struggle between the spiritual and the physical (i.e. the battle energies) to see who would prevail?

5. Why Lilly murdered her colleagues?

Beyond Paranormal (2021) - IMDb
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She gives birth, and she kills them. Why? Why did they have to die? It’s not like the demon baby ate their bodies for sustenance. None of that. Was that some last-ditch attempt to imbue horror into the movie because they spent so much time not doing that? Or did the spirit tell her how shady they had been to her? 

We ask this because Lilly’s director ensured that she didn’t get any views on YouTube because he wanted her to work harder. The question is, did that figurine let her in on their repugnant behaviour? 

A lot of things didn’t make sense with Beyond Paranormal, and for that, we give it a 


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