We’ve all watched the classic Nollywood movie “Games Women Play,” where three female friends stake cash on one of them to try and steal the other’s fiancé. 

That same plot has been rehashed several times, and through it all, we (the audience) were carried along the “schemers” plans until this movie. 

In Portrait of Love, we have no idea that Kizito (Ray Emodi) carrying out a bet until the very end. Hence the question, what was it they did that made this particular movie different?

Laying the foundation

We are introduced to the characters, Kiki (Chinenye Nnebe) and George (IK Ogbonna), a young unmarried couple who have been together for several years. Kiki is a makeup artist who quit her high paying job to pursue her passion, while George has dreams of relocating to Canada. On the surface, they seem like a compatible couple, who are so in love, but with time, the cracks begin to show. 

First, we learn that George isn’t as enthusiastic as Kiki about her passion for makeup artistry. He is disappointed that she quit her job to pursue a hobby. Kiki, on the other hand, is unhappy about Geroge’s sentiments, but she doesn’t consider it a deal-breaker.

The next thing we discover is that George is never threatened by other men chasing Kiki. This is evidenced in a scene where he finds her talking to a man by the roadside. George acts as if the exchange between her and the man is of no importance. He is so unbothered by their interaction that the man is forced to say,

This your boyfriend doesn’t care about you at all.

Portrait of Love

George Leaves for Canada

George gets the visa to relocate to Canada and immediately, our thoughts raced to the nearest memory of a Nigerian film where a significant other relocates to a foreign country.

In previous movies, once the man leaves, it is only a matter of time before he dumps the woman he left behind in Nigeria. However, in Portrait of Love, it is a different story. 

George never forgets Kiki and ensures to call her every day, promising to do his best to bring her over to Canada. So with George not giving us the content we are used to, something else happens instead…

Kezz enters the picture

Portrait of Love

Kezz and Kiki first meet when the agent (Sunny McDon) brings him over for a house tour. Kiki does her best to convince Kezz to take the apartment, and he does. But when he moves in and all hell breaks loose. 

He and Kiki butt heads for things like him playing loud music at night, turning off her tap, and puffing the smoke of his cigarettes through her window into her apartment. 

But, with time, they get to know each other, and they become fast friends.

Filling the void

Portrait of Love

Kezz, a creative artist, becomes a kindred spirit to Kiki. He even offers his expertise in refining her brand on social media and helps to pay for her business registration. 

Kezz celebrates all her career milestones, while George gives her flat responses – still as unimpressed as ever. 

George even gets her birthday wrong (calls her a day early), and she shuts him down with a 

“you always get the date wrong.” 

But Kezz wows her with a saxophonist, cake, jewellery, dinner and a portrait he made of her. 

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Back home too soon

After Kezz professes his love to Kiki, she gets a knock on her door, and to her surprise, it’s George. Kiki is overwhelmed and cold but still manages to do an introduction between George and Kezz. 

George offers Kezz a handshake, but Kezz walks out of their apartment with a scornful look on his face. His reaction raises the first red flag, making us wonder if Kezz was pretending to be a gentleman.

The next red flag is when George goes over to Kezz’s apartment to ask about Kiki’s whereabouts. They have a strange back and forth where Kezz displays some level of overfamiliarity while George behaves hyper-suspicious. 

The last red flag is when George walks in on Kezz kissing Kiki. George calls Kiki a slut, and Kezz defends her, but George hits back, calling Kezz by his full name Kizito. 

Then the twist is revealed

Kiki asks George how he knew Kezz’s name is Kizito, and the flood gates are opened. They tell her that they met in Canada and made a bet. 

What Portrait Of Love did differently

While watching Portrait of Love, there are two guesses you will make:

1. George will dump Kiki for a Canadian woman

2. Kiki will dump George for Kezz because he is the kind of boyfriend she always wanted George to be. 

But what you don’t bank on is George and Kezz knowing each other before Kiki meeting Kezz. There was never a foreshadowing. So when it hits, you are indeed surprised and impressed by how they chose to rewrite an overused plot. 

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