A lot happened in Assistant Madams Dark Hearts Episode 7.

Alhaji was only Amira’s Adoptive Father

Although Alhaji Gidado is her father and she bears his surname, he is only her adoptive father. He married her mother when she was just a baby and adopted her. However, when her parents separated, Alhaji lost contact with her. 

Amira asked him about her biological father, but he had no information about him. He said her mother never said anything about her bio-father. Alhaji then offered to make up for lost time, but Amira wasn’t having it. 

Nana locked Lulu out of her cafe

Lulu Assistant Madams Dark Hearts Episode 7

Nana decided to show her strength in this episode by sending some thugs to lock up Lulu’s cafe. Piriye came to save his Lulu but was unable to because the order was “from above.” So, he went to the above (i.e. Nana) and threatened her. He told Nana that if she doesn’t steer clear of Lulu, he would end their marriage.

Question: why is their marriage so important to Nana? Is she gay? Is there something she wants to become like a politician, or is there an inheritance she needs the marriage to claim?

Tochi is the filth we knew he would turn out to be

Last week we stated that Zara might start stalking Cassie, and we were right. She did it in this episode. However, while she was outside sleuthing, Tochi knocked on her window to have a conversation with her. A conversation we would hear the full gist of next week. 

We always knew that Tochi was bad news, we even predicted it in our first post on Assistant Madams season 2. What we don’t know is to what extent. 

 Will Peggy take the bait?

Lulu asked Peggy to help gather some dirt she could use on Nana. Peggy looked unsure, but the question is, what is it that Nana will do that will tip Peggy over the edge? From what we’ve seen so far, Peggy is quite fond of Lulu, and she respects Nana, which makes it difficult to judge where her true allegiance lies. 

Time will tell. 

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