When Love Lingers At first glance

When Love Lingers was about 2 people. 

A man named Leonard (Ray Emodi) and a woman, Kimberly (Tana Adelana), hate the opposite sex. 

Leonard sees all women as lying, cheating golddiggers, while Kimberly sees all men as two-timing assholes who don’t need a reason to cheat. They just do because they can.

Leonard was the way he was because his ex-fiancee, Pelumi (Paschaline Ijeoma), cheated on him: same with Kimberly. 

Their pain turns them into workaholics, hence making the lives of their personal assistants a living hell. All they do is work, no social life and most definitely no weddings.

One day…

Kimberly’s assistant, Amanda (Sandra Okunzunwa) and Leonard’s assistant, Bolaji (Alex Cross) meet at a bar. They get talking and realise that their bosses are very similar, so Bolaji suggests that they matchmake them. 

First attempt

Both Amanda and Bolaji deliver gifts from a “secret admirer” to Kimberly and Leonard. Leonard tells Bolaji to trash the gift. Kimberly says the same but with a threat to fire Amanda if she ever accepts another package from a supposed “secret admirer” on her (Kimberly) behalf. 

Bolaji comes up with a second plan

Bolaji suggests that they set them up on a blind date. Amanda drags Kimberly out for lunch at a restaurant, and Bolaji does the same to Leonard. They tip the restaurant manager to come up with a bollocks raffle draw and sit them together. 

Kimberly and Leonard’s first meeting

They tear each other apart. Leonard calls Kimberly a long throat while Kimberly calls him rude and uncouth. She storms out without eating her meal.

Sandra Okunzunwa as Amanda in When Love Lingers

Amanda comes up with the third plan

Determined to make sure their bosses get a life outside of work, Amanda comes up with the next plan. Since her company is into real estate and Bolaji’s is into construction, and Kimberly is looking out for a good designer – Amanda comes up with the plan for them to enter into a contract. 

Kimberly wants her refund

Kimberly, trusting Amanda doesn’t look at the file and just signs it. She also asks for a 70% deposit to be paid to Leonard’s company. However, on discovering that Leonard is the one she has to work with, she demands a refund. Leonard refuses. 

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Forced to work in close proximity

Unsatisfied with Leonard’s work, Kimberly attacks him at a restaurant while he’s out for lunch with Bolaji. Amanda and Bolaji suggest that they work together to come up with a design they can both agree on. Kim and Leo agree.

Plantain truce

On Kimberly and Leonard’s first day working together, Amanda and Bolaji head out to get them their lunch. Leonard likes a little bit of plantain in his rice, while Kimberly loves a lot of plantain on hers. Bolaji comes up with the fourth plan to put most of the plantain in Leonard’s meal, forcing them to share. It works, and both bosses get talking, and a friendship is formed. 

Bolaji’s fifth plan: Jazz night

While clearing out her purse, Amanda sees a flyer for a jazz night at a restaurant, and Bolaji says that his boss loves Jazz. Amanda says her boss loves jazz too, so Bolaji suggests that they give them both the flyers. Kim and Leo meet at the restaurant, listen to music, talk, drink and bid each other good night. 

Alex Cross as Bolaji in When Love Lingers

The end of close proximity

Kimberly’s client likes the design, meaning that she and Leonard will no longer have to work in the same office. But, they are now fond of each other, and they plan to go on a date. Amanda and Bolaji also start dating too. 

Dinner date

They go for dinner and talk and eat and Leonard offers to cook for Kimberly. She accepts and goes to his house. He cooks, she loves it, he professes his love for her and she for him. 

Tana Adelana as Kimberly and Ray Emodi as Leonard in When Love Lingers

Pelumi’s rage

Throughout, Pelumi makes several appearances at Leonard’s place, begging him to take her back, but Leonard doesn’t. So when she finds out he is about to propose to Kimberly, she tries to run Kimberly down with her car. She knocks Leonard instead. 

He didn’t die

But he is injured but still manages to propose to Kimberly. She says yes while Pelumi is arrested. 

The cat falls out of the bag

Now that they are engaged, Amanda and Bolaji confess that they were the matchmakers. Kimberly and Leonard get married, THE END.

Say the truth

Can you honestly say that after reading this, you don’t think that the movie is cute? It is a simple story. It’s not bothering anybody. Not every movie has to have some existential crisis to make it gripping and enjoyable. 

Sometimes, endearing is all it can have going for it. 

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