June is a 2018 Nollywood romantic comedy about a wedding planner who snatches her client’s groom.

Yes, that’s basically what the entire June Nigerian movie was about. It was a Nigerianised version of “The Wedding Planner” but with a poorer direction, acting and vibe. 

So you might ask, how was June was cringe? Don’t worry we will tell you. 

The acting was trash

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Number one on this list is Vector. Father Lord was he bad. So effing bad, it brought tears to our eyes. Uche Jombo was so terribly misguided and Toni Tones made every scene super awkward. 

Everyone, we mean EVERYONE was bad and we know it wasn’t entirely their fault. It was the fault of the director because we have seen most of these people in other movies and they are decent actors. However, in this movie they were atrocious. 

The plot was weird 

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We refuse to believe that they thought by having Wale push up on June, we would “aww” and call it cute. No way because that shit was neither romantic nor sexy. All it did was give creep vibes. 

Another thing was how we were not taken on a journey of them (June and Wale) falling in love. We never got to see how they found love in each other. 

We were never shown Wale trying to love Toke but couldn’t because she was so difficult. We never get to see June really struggle to like Wale. No glimpse of Wale romancing June.

All we get is him dragging Toke, apologising to June and an irrelevant montage of him and June at a party. The next thing we are told is they like each other and are in love and Remi egging them on because she has questionable morals being that she’s a desperado. 

Wale as a “prince charming” was a big ass no

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Wale was neither smooth, nor sexy, nor interesting. Nothing about him screamed,

“I’m going to lose my home training for you.”

He was just flat like a pancake and dull like dishwater. A swaggerless guy that lacked the skills necessary to chyke or romance a babe. There was no convincing us that he was a leading man. 

If we’re being very honest, the writing of this movie was shit. Wale was not written to have a personality. He was just a man written to marry June.

He could have been a log of wood and the character would have felt the same. 

June and Wale’s first kiss was…

Who saw that kiss and “okay-ed” it? Whoever you are, it will never be well with you.


That kiss was so ugly. It wasn’t only ugly, it was unsexy and cringe that it ruined the entire romance vibe of the movie. How can you a director, ruin the ONE THING your movie needed. That was was the most important thing. It was the climax. It was that thing that was meant to juggle the groom’s brain and make him question himself. But no, you had to ruin it because even you mah, lack romance in your life. 

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the script was a travesty but you see the direction?

Yo, that was the final nail in the coffin.

The director dug a big, giant hole that was 14ft deep and just threw this motherfucking movie inside to rot for eternity. 


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