The epic tale of the Dune: Part One has been told. We have learned about the House of Atreides, the House Harkonnen, the Bene Gesserit and the Fremen.

We also saw the betrayals – from Dr Yueh by helping the Baron stage a coup on the House of Atreides. At the end of Dune: Part One, Paul fight to the death with Jamis to become a part of the Fremen.

*Spoiler Alert*

Jamis died, and in the words of Stilgar: it is a life for a life. So the question is, what now happens to Paul Atreides and his mother, Lady Jessica, as they have joined Fremen?

We had to read the book to find out.

Parts of the Book that made up Dune: Part One

Dune, the 1965 sci-fi novel by Frank Herbert is divided into three books namely:

  1. Dune
  2. Muad’Dib
  3. The Prophet

Dune: Part One (the movie) focused mostly on Book 1 (Dune) and the early parts of Book 2 (Muad’Dib). This means that Dune Part Two will continue with the rest of Book 2 and all of Book 3 (The Prophet).

25 Plot Points to expect from Dune Part Two


If you’re not interested in spoiling Dune Part Two for yourself, skip this whole post as we would not be held responsible for you knowing the things you don’t wanna know. 

1. Paul Atreides adopts the Fremen name Muad’Dib (Paul-Muad’Dib)

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Dune Part Two
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After defeating Jamis, Paul and Jessica join Stilgar and the other to Sietch Tabr. On their way there, Stilgar asks Paul what he would like to be called, and he says:

“How do you call among you the little mouse, the mouse that jumps?”

Dune (1965)

To which Stilgar answers:

“We call that one muad’dib,”

Dune (1965)

On hearing the name, Jessica becomes worried as Paul had told her of a vision he had where the Fremen accepted them and called him Muad’Dib.

2. Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen will be introduced

Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen is the younger brother of Glossu Rabban, both of whom are the nephews of Vlamdir Harkonnen. Feyd-Rautha, like his older brother Glossu Rabban, is a bloodthirsty Harkonnen who had already killed his 100th gladiator in the family games by age 17. 

Despite Feyd-Rautha being the heir designate of the House of Harkonnen, the Emperor doesn’t see him worthy, which rattles the Baron. 

3. Thufir Hawat is still alive

Thufir Hawat, the Mentat of the House of Atreides is not dead. After Duke Leto released the poison that led to the death of Piter De Vries and several others, Baron Vladimir Harkonnen was left without a Mentat. So, instead of killing Thufir Hawat, he kept him as he said:

“You must understand, Fenring, I was without a Mentat. You know that. I’ve never been without a Mentat. It was most unsettling.”

Dune (1965)

When asked by Count Ferring how he was able to make Hawat change allegiance, the Baron said:

“His Duke was dead …The Mentat’s flesh has been impregnated with a latent poison. We administer an antidote in his meals. Without the antidote, the poison is triggered—he’d die in a few days.”

Dune (1965)

Meaning that Hawat had no choice but to do as the Baron expected of him as doing otherwise will lead to death. 

4. Chani is the daughter of Dr Liet-Kynes

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After Jamis’ funeral, Paul and the others arrive at Sietch Tabr, where they find out that Dr Liet is dead. That is the moment we find out (with Paul) that Chani is Liet’s daughter. In the book, Liet is a man, but in Dune: Part One, Liet-Kynes is a woman, which means that Chani will find out in Dune Part Two that her mother is dead. 

5. …And the niece of Stilgar

Stilgar is Chani’s uncle. 

6. Paul inherits Jamis’ Family

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As part of the Fremen tradition, Paul inherits Jamis’ water, his wife, his children and his home. When Jamis’ widow, Harah, is presented to Paul, Stilgar asks him to choose if he would want her as a woman or a slave? Paul chooses her to be his slave. 

Harah being Paul’s slave meant that he is responsible for her and her children, and after a year, she is free to choose a man for herself. 

7. Jessica becomes the Fremen’s, Reverend Mother

Stilgar asks Jessica to join both Chani and the old Reverend Mother to perform a ritual. Chani gives Jessica a liquid to drink, which puts Jessica in a trance where the old Reverend Mother pours all of her experiences into Jessica. After giving Jessica all of her memories, she passes on, making Jessica the new Reverend Mother of the Fremen.

8. Paul becomes the Prophet

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In the same ceremony that made his mother the Reverend Mother, Paul is turned into a prophet. We get the first information about him being a prophet from the first chapter of Book 3 when Feyd-Rautha tells the Baron about a Fremen Prophet called the Muad’Dib. As their prophet, the Fremen had become even more religious, and Paul had taught them the fighting tactics of his mentors – Duncan Idaho and Gurney Halleck.

9. A 2-year time jump between the Muad’Dib and the Prophet

Paul and Feyd-Rautha were teenagers when the House of Harkonnen staged a coup on the House of Atreides. After Jessica becomes the Reverend Mother, we would see a time jump. This time around, they would be adults – Feyd-Rautha being a bloodthirsty heir, with growing contempt for his uncle and Paul being a Fremen Prophet. The Baron during this time also becomes very aware of Feyd-Rautha’s desperation to succeed him.

10. Hawat convinces the Baron to recruit the Fremen into his army

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Hawat, still hurt by the loss of the House of Atreides, decides to turn Duke Leto’s dream of forming an alliance with the Fremen into the Baron’s. First, he lets the Baron in on Duncan Idaho’s information on the Fremen being up to 6 million in population. Then, he convinces the Baron to work against Rabban to achieve this motive. 

Initially, the Baron is against it, but it doesn’t take much to convince him as the Baron is highly dependent on the wisdom of a mental. 

11. Paul’s Sister and Son

In Dune: Part One, we found out that Jessica was pregnant, and in Dune Part Two, she would give birth to a daughter called Alia-the-Strange-One. Paul and Chani also become parents to a son known as Leto II – named after the late Duke Leto of Atreides. 

12. Jessica disapproves of Paul’s marriage to Chani 

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Paul and Chani enter into a marriage of youth which produces a son, Leto II – a marriage Jessica disapproves of it because according to her:

“What can his desert woman do for a Duke except serve him cofee? She brings him no power, no family. Paul has only one major chance— to ally himself with a powerful Great House, perhaps even with the Imperial family. There are marriageable princesses, after all, and every one of them Bene Gesserit-trained.” 

Dune (1965)

But she is forced to accept her because she produced an Atreides son. Later on, however, when Paul begins to acknowledge himself as the Duke of Arrakis, her thoughts run deep and then she resigns within herself that:

“As long as Chani lives, Paul will not see his duty, Jessica thought. She has given him a son and that is enough.”

Dune (1965)

13. Alia-the-Strange-One is seen as possessed by a demon

During the rites that turned Jessica into the Reverend Mother, the old Reverend Mother told Jessica that she was lucky the child in her womb was a girl. Had it been a boy, he would have died. Unfortunately, Alia is not your average toddler. She speaks of things that children are not supposed to know, and the entire tribe think of her as strange and demon-possessed. What they don’t know is that Alia is also a reverend mother.

14. Paul will undergo a sand-rider test

Where he has to ride a sandworm. He succeeds and becomes the mundir of the sand ride. 

15. Gurney Halleck is not dead

Is Gurney the Warmaster of House Atreides dead in Dune?
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Gurney Halleck survived the Harkonnen coup on the House of Atreides and became a spice smuggler. He reunites with Paul, but deep inside him, nurses a profound hatred for Jessica, whom he thinks betrayed Duke Leto by delivering him to the Harkonnens. When he tries to kill her, Paul reveals that the real traitor to be Dr Yueh. 

16. Paul vs Stilgar

As Paul rises in power, the Fremen demand that he challenge Stilgar to a battle, like Jamis did him. Paul refuses because he values Stilgar’s wisdom and leadership. 

17. Jessica discovers that Paul is truly the Kwisatz Haderach

Paul takes a drop of the Water of Life and goes unconscious for three weeks. When he regains consciousness, he demands that his mother takes him to the dark place she and other Reverend Mothers fear the most. Jessica disagrees at first but agrees when he persists. He enters her mind and when they return, she realises that her son is truly the Kwisatz Haderach and she becomes both fearful and unhappy.

18. Leto II and Alia

In the war against the Harkonnen and Sardaukar, Paul loses his son Leto II while Alia is taken hostage (by the Emperor).

19. Emperor Shaddam IV shows his face

He appears just before the climax, and in his first scene, treats the Baron with the utmost contempt. He is described as a red-head man with slim features. His daughter, Princess Irulan, also makes an appearance. Princess Irulan is the de facto narrator of Dune as this story is read through her account of what happened. 

20. Alia seals the Baron’s fate

Dune | Baron Vladimir Harkonnen and Queer Menace - The Companion
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Alia, a 4-year-old Fremen war commander, is taken hostage by the Emperor after her nephew, Leto II, was murdered. The Emperor’s intent is to force Paul to yield to his commands. But while in captivity, she manages to kill the Baron with a gom jabbar. 

21. Paul comes face to face with the Queen Mother who tested him

This time, he is the one in control and challenges her to test him again. He tells her that he could have her strangled but would rather her live the rest of her life knowing that she can never control him.

22. Paul and Feyd-Rautha fight

In the penultimate scene of the book, Paul and Feyd-Rautha fight to the death in the presence of the Emperor, Princess Irulan, Jessica, Chani, Gurney and everybody. During the fight, Feyd-Rautha tries to poison Paul with a needle attached to his hip but fails as Paul stabs him through the jaw leading to Feyd-Rautha.

23. Paul marries Princess Irulan

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To broker peace and ensure an Atreides sits on the throne, Paul marries the Princess, asking for all of the CHOAM company as dowry. However, he makes a promise to Chani never to bear a single child with Princess Irulan. She will basically end up like Harah did with Paul – a wife without the benefits. 

24. Gurney Halleck and Stilgar

Gurney Halleck becomes the director of the CHOAM company, while Stilgar becomes the governor of Arrakis.

25. The Emperor is Exiled

To the prison planet of Salusa Secundus.

Changes that may happen on Dune Part Two

Princess Irulan may not exist, or Chani would be crowned Princess Irulan since she and Paul’s love have been sold as the heart of the entire movie. 

Another thing will be that they will age Alia to like an 8-year-old so that they will get a child/preteen actor that can really pull of the role.

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