There is this scene in CODA where Ruby is performing a duet with Miles, and we are shown what music sounds like to her family.

It is silence.

They don’t hear a thing. Not a single tune. The only way they could understand what was going on was by looking at everyone around them.

CODA' Aims to Make Movie-Going More Available to Deaf Community
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That scene was both eye-opening and heartbreaking. It is very easy to say you empathise, but the truth is you can never ever know what it is like to be deaf (except you are deaf).

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The world is ignorant…

This world is not designed for the disabled. CODA gave us a peek into this by how difficult it was for Ruby’s family to interact with the world. Nobody knew sign language, and most people talked extremely fast – ignorant of how difficult it would be for the deaf person among them.

Our ignorance of their limitations makes it harder for those living with disabilities to interact with us. Most grow distrustful or even fearful of their surroundings, only choosing to remain in the protective watch of their family. 

But what if these people with disabilities are orphans; or were abandoned? Who would they trust? Who would interact with them? How would they be able to lead happy and normal lives?

CODA (2021) – Movie Review – The Film Tower
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Should Mandatory Changes Be Made in the Society?

CODA had a happy ending for the Rossi family. Ruby’s brother, Leo, chose to take a stance by telling Ruby that the world should learn to interact with them. The woman in the community also helped her mother, Jackie, with selling the fish. 

Although it was a lovely round-up for such a heartwarming story, it got us wondering if the real world enact should mandatory policies to improve inclusivity? 

Maybe schools should become more integrated and teach children how to interact with their disabled mates. How about making sign language a compulsory subject we all should learn? Subtitles should be put on everything, and maybe someday, music could be made in a way that allows those who can’t hear it to feel it.

Sundance award winning film CODA to premiere on Apple Tv+and theaters in  August

This was not a CODA review

Before we watched CODA, we were so uninformed, we never thought about what it was like for deaf people. It gave us a sneak peek into their world, and it blew us away. It was both a heartwarming story and one of bravery. 

Ruby learned to speak up for herself and go after what she wanted. Her parents had to learn independence and rid themselves of the fear of interacting with the world. 

Neither side was wrong. It was just a story about love and growth, both of which are normal and necessary. 

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