I loved it.

Although it didn’t follow the book scene for scene, it kept the soul of the book. I understand why they did that. After reading The Viscount Who Loved Me, I couldn’t help but see the similarities between it and Season 1 of Bridgerton. 

  1. The forced marriage
  2. Kate’s sexual naivete
  3. The couple was unaware they were in love with each other before and after marriage.
  4. “I burn for you”

Redoing the same thing would have been boring and repetitive. Hence the need for a change.

The major pull for me was the central story – the romance between Lord Anthony Bridgerton and Miss Kate Sharma – it pulled me in. Kate and Anthony were electric. I loved how it took a while for them to actually become a couple. I enjoyed the back and forth. I enjoyed seeing the problems their stubbornness caused as well as the joy it gave them when they finally got together.


I didn’t mind the side stories because they were essential to making us crave the main couple more. They were also used to enrich the entire series as just watching only two people fall in love would have gotten boring real quick. 

Edwina’s alleged character assassination

When I first read there was going to be a love triangle with Edwina being totally in love with Anthony, I was worried. I felt it was not true to her character from the books. However, after watching it, I get why they went there and why it made sense. 

In the book, Edwina is aware of her family’s financial situation and was ready to do what is necessary to save her family. 

Edwina Sharma
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In the show, Edwina was shielded from all of it. She was raised by her sister to only want the best and when it came to marriage, Lord Bridgerton was the best the marriage market could offer. So, she did all she could to convince herself she wanted him when in fact, she was just living out Kate’s reality as it was Kate who raised her.

Edwina did feel hurt that she was “deceived” but after her sister’s near-death experience, she understood the real concept of love – being selfless and wanting the best for them. While Kate was unconscious, all she wanted was for Kate to not die and when Kate didn’t die, she made sure Kate got all that she had sacrificed. She finally understood why Kate did what she did.

Edwinaa Sharma

I think the show made Edwina shine more than the books. Edwina in the books was cool – loved her nonchalant attitude towards Anthony- and show Edwina was great as well. 

So yes, as a book reader, I enjoyed the show. I really did and I am currently obsessed with it (watched it four times already).


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