A Father Falls In Love With His Son’s Teenage Girlfriend – Birthday Girl

It was slightly above average for me. On a scale of 1-5, I would give it 3 stars because of the following reasons:

  1. I had no one to root for. There wasn’t any character I liked: the only one that came close was Dutch. 
  2. Pike’s conflict didn’t really pull me in. I get that he was about to hurt his son, which was awful, but I didn’t care for how he treated Jordan. He was quick to slut-shame her and never missed an opportunity to treat her like a minor. It made their brand of the “forbidden love” trope seem pedophilic to me. 

There were things I liked about the book. It was easy to read, and the sexy bits were quite steamy. I felt like I was in the room with them, just watching the sex happening like a freaking pervert. It was that good.

Plot Summary of Birthday Girl

Moving on, I want to summarise the plot for you to get an idea of what Birthday Girl was about. Mind you, these pictures are only used for context.

Birthday Girl is about the forbidden love story of Jordan and Pike.

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Jordan is a 19-year-old woman, and on her birthday, she meets an older guy at a cinema. They share a moment (a meet-cute) but forget to ask each other’s names afterwards.

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Later that night, she finds out that the hot guy from the cinema is Pike Lawson, the father of her boyfriend, Cole Lawson. From then on begins a “will they, won’t they situation.”

Each day Jordan spends in Pike’s home with Cole, the more his feelings grow, and he struggles with it. There are multiple instances where he stares at her with longing or gets jealous and scolds her.

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One night, after getting off work, she returns home to find her boyfriend, Cole, having sex with a mutual friend of theirs in the pool. It devastates her, and Cole moves out to avoid awkwardness. Jordan tries to move back to her parents’ trailer, but Pike wouldn’t because it is disgusting.

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Time passes, and finally, Jordan and Pike kiss but Cole almost catches them, causing a strain between Jordan and Pike. They reconcile, though, and they have sex – countless times.

Cole’s mother, Lindsay, needs a place to stay and decides to move in with Pike. She takes up Jordan’s room, forcing Jordan to sleep in the same room with Cole. Lindsay tries to seduce Pike, but he gives her the cold shoulder. Jordan’s ex, Jay, visits and overhears Jordan and Pike and spills the beans. Things fall apart, and Pike is left heartbroken.

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Jordan is also heartbroken while Cole enlists in the navy. After training, he returns home before his deployment and gives Pike his blessing. Pike goes to look for Jordan and finds her working at a hotel. They reconcile again, and a year later, he proposes.

10 years into the future, they are married with a son, Jack, a grandson, Parker (Cole’s son) and another baby on the way.


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