A Nymph Turns Her Sister into A Monster - Circe

I could only dream to write as beautifully as Madeline Miller wrote Circe, but this book – for me – is a no. I wouldn’t call it a hard no, but it was bland for me.

I wished I could love the story as much as I loved how Madeline wrote Circe, but it wasn’t meant to be. On a scale of 1-5, I would give it a 3, and my reasons are:

  1. The plot was not clear until I got to the 50% mark.
  2. I loved the writing, but there wasn’t much action going on. Maybe not the kind that could grab my attention.
  3. It took a lot for me, not the stop reading.

My Summary of Circe


Circe is a book about a nymph, born to a god and skilled in witchcraft. Her jealousy causes her to turn her sister, Scylla, into a six-headed monster.

She is banished to an island, Aiaia, where she lives her life – just going through the motions – for three hundred years until she meets Odysseus. 

They lay with each other, and she bears him a son, Telegonus, long after he had left the island. Athena comes to kill her son, but Circe protects him and years later, Telegonus sails to meet Odysseus. 

Odysseus by Flickriver

The father-son meeting doesn’t go well as Odysseus is killed by the spear Circe made for Telegonus from a minotaur’s tail. Telegonus returns to Aiaia with his half brother, Telemachus and step-mother Penelope. 

Athena returns and takes Telegonus with her. Penelope learns witchcraft and becomes well versed in spells. Circe and Telemachus journey to Scylla’s abode and offer her enchanted lambs which turn her into stone. 

Scylla by Mythology Source

Circe and Telemachus return to Aiaia, and Penelope gives them her blessing. Circe births two daughters for Telemachus, and they all live happily ever after. 


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