For her, it is always darkness
Not because she is in a foul mood
But because she has never known a day that wasn’t pitch black
She used to joke that the only colour she would be could tell is black
Other than that, she was clueless.

It was the day that would shape the rest of her life
The day that restored her faith in humanity
The day a big company like La Femme decided to look beyond her limitations
Giving her the opportunity she rightly deserved.

She had woken up very early
and her sister had arrived the before to help her prepare.
Now she was ready to take on this new challenge
And show them the stuff she was made of – pure unadulterated talent
Plus a unique experience.

It was 10 am and the doorbell rang.
“So early,” her sister said before opening the door.
Two men, one who took her luggage
And the other who gave her a contract.
“Can I have this in braille?” She asked.
He said that he would try but she could have her sister read it for her
Since her signature was needed before their departure.

As they were short on time
Her sister skimmed through the basics and was like
“It seems fine to me” and then, she signed.
The man collected the paper and held her by her hand to escort her to the vehicle.

The journey was a quiet one.
She tried to make some conversation but none of the men was yielding until they got to a marina.
He takes her by her hand again and escorts her into the ferry, making sure she was sitting comfortably.
He bids her goodbye but she asks why
And he says “this is where my part of the journey ends.”
“What of my things?” She asked,
“You will get them, I will bring them to you.”
“Okay, thank you” she ended, waving in the direction she sensed he was at.

She was the sixth person to arrive
The seventh entered as she could tell by her footsteps
and the introductions that ensued
And then the eight arrived
Silently walking to her
Taking a sit by her side.

“Hi, my name is __”
But there was no response.
Still, nothing and so she nudged number eight with her knee
Number eight turned and saw her mouth moving
But it was radio silent.

Number eight brought out her phone
Opened her text-to-speech app and typed
“I can’t hear you,” and then she plays it
“Oh..” She immediately understood what Number eight meant.
And so the conversation ended before it began.
They sat down there and more girls trooped in till they were 12

Their journey began
As the ferry cruised along a straight line,
Navigating a path only the captain knew.
They sit and stare – for those who can
And then another lady sits next to her
On her left side as Number eight was already occupying the right
They only exchanged Hi’s and kept quiet.

Four hours they had been cruising and finally,
They were approaching their destination
An Island – off the coast of Lagune
The ferry docked and all the ladies unboarded.
A man for each woman, ready to take them to the main area
Very different
Separated stone wall, meant to mimic a mountain
With the entrance resembling a cave
But there was nothing cave-like about it as was computerized.

Only fingerprints could open the gates.
Inside the cave is a city in and of itself
A beach-like city
A tropical getaway but very artificial
Far away from the prying eyes of the public
And built with the sole purpose of deceiving the public.

She was led to her room by her chaperon and was given her pyjamas to change into.
“Tonight is going to be a special one,” he said.


I am an author. I write stories, I talk about stories, I read them, watch them and I love them.

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