Morpheus (the Sandman) arrives in hell and is taken to Lucifer Morningstar. Lucifer asks why he is in hell, and Morpheus says that a demon took his helm and he wants it back.

Lucifer tells him that it won’t be as easy to get, and Morpheus inquires,

“aren’t you the ruler of hell?”

Lucifer informs him that since he’s been gone, hell is now a triumvirate with three kings – Lucifer Morningstar, Beelzebub (king of flies) and Azazel.

The Sandman Vol. 1 Summary: Issue 04 A Hope in Hell

Lucifer summons all the demons of Hell for Dream to point out the one who took his helm. Using his sand pouch, Morpheus singles out Chronzon.

Dream asks Chronzon to give him back his helmet, but Chronzon demands that they battle for it, so they engage in a game. Morpheus wins, and his helmet is returned to him, but Lucifer tries to one-up him by asking,

“You have no powers in hell, Dream. Tell us why should we let you leave?”

The Sandman Vol. 1 Summary: Issue 04 A Hope in Hell

Dream then responds with

“what powers would hell have if those imprisoned here were not able to dream of heaven?”

Lucifer allows him to go. However, promises himself that one day, he will destroy Morpheus.


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