Dr Destiny is informed of his mother’s death and given her amulet. The news of her death signals to Dr Destiny as the right time to break out of the Arkham Madhouse.

He escapes the madhouse and hitches a ride with a woman, Rosemary. She is afraid at first, but as they continue to ride, he opens up to her. He tells her who he is, what he has done and how he is misunderstood, which makes her empathetic towards him.

Rosemary offers him her husband’s coat and hopes that he finds what he is looking for. As he comes down from her car, he walks over to her window and shoots her dead at point-blank range.

Morpheus was able to get to the ruby before Dr Destiny. However, as soon as he touches the ruby, he falls to the ground – unconscious. Destiny walks in and collects the ruby, wishing nightmares, pain and suffering on the world as he enters a diner, waiting for the world to end.


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