Morpheus asks Destiny to return the ruby to him as much of the ruby was made from him: The Sandman. Destiny refuses and instead challenges Morpheus – stating that he would destroy the dreamlord and take over his kingdom.

Morpheus then demands that for them to truly fight, they need to do it in his realm. Destiny agrees and follows him. Destiny, consumed by his desire to kill Morpheus, destroys the ruby and Morpheus disappears.

Relishing in his newfound status as the king of the dreamworld, Destiny begins to fantasize about all the things he would do as a king but then, Morpheus speaks. He is about a hundred feet tall and has Destiny in the palm of his hand.

The Sandman Vol. 1 Summary: Issue 07 Sound and Fury

Morpheus states that he never really knew how much of himself he put into the ruby until it was destroyed and now he has regained his strength. Destiny begs for mercy but Morpheus tells him that he would punish him.

He returns Destiny back to Arkham Madhouse and everyone goes to bed, sound asleep, restful unlike what they’ve had in the past 75 years.


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